Complaints & Appeals


At HQAI we take complaints very seriously and are well aware that no process is flawless. Please contact us if you have a complaint of relevance against:

  • HQAI;
  • our auditors;
  • one of our clients (as it relates to HQAI activities); or
  • if you want to appeal the result of one of HQAI's procedures.

Key principles

Any complaint or appeal shall be treated according to the following principles:

Transparency: parties to a complaint or appeal shall have all the relevant information in due time;

Impartiality: any person handling a complaint shall be free of conflict of interest vis-à-vis the parties of a complaint or appeal;

Objectivity: addressing complaints and appeal shall be based on objective evidence and facts and be free of irrelevant considerations;

Fairness: proceedings shall be fair to all parties to the complaint or appeal. In particular, cost considerations shall not be a deterrent for founded complaints.

Safety: the security of complainants and appellant shall be an absolute priority at all times and the confidentiality of the persons involved guaranteed;

Timeliness: HQAI will endeavour to resolve complaints and appeal promptly and following the process described in this procedure.

For detailed instructions on submitting complaints or filing an appeal please consult our Complaints and appeal procedure.

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