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The discussion about minimum core safeguarding standards and independent audits have been on many agendas over the last years and months. DFID is one of the leading forces in this dialogue, in particular since the UK safeguarding summit in 2018. HQAI is working with DFID to find ways by which its CHS certificates can be used within DFID’s due diligence mechanisms, with the view to streamline these processes for organisations certified against the CHS.

As part of their work on safeguarding, DFID co-ordinate a multi-agency Aid Worker Passport Steering Committee that has commissioned a legal review for a potential Aid Worker Registration Scheme, to be piloted this autumn. Among other important measures the review suggests that:

  • since international standards already exist, donors should require partners to adhere to them. The CHS is one standard that is referenced by the study.
  • independent inspections provide an objective and independent assessment of where an organisations stands in the application of a reference standard (e.g. the CHS). However, because independent audits are not mandatory, organisations voluntarily submitting themselves to such a process put themselves at a comparative disadvantage compared to other organisations that do not use these mechanisms. The study advocates thus that independent inspections should be the norm by all donors to create a level playing field.

These two recommendations, amongst others, directly relate to HQAI’s work and explain why HQAI supports DFID and the multi-agency Aid Worker Passport Steering Committee in widely sharing the ongoing consultancy process. Feedback is welcomed by mid-July from anyone involved in the aid sector.

You can access the review and the consultation document through the following link:

Please note that this is not a government consultation and does not represent government policy. The recommendations are those of the reviewer.

Hello Madam President

Kate Halff takes over the Presidency of HQAI’s Board of Directors after five years of outstanding leadership under Professor Jacques Forster. Kate will use her vast experience and strategic qualities to build on the existing and help HQAI reach the next level, while putting a strong focus on team work and synergies.

Let’s be very clear: online meetings CAN be very moving. We had a very good example at  today’s meeting of HQAI’s Board of Directors.

The Board unanimously elected Kate Halff as new President. Kate is a founding member of HQAI and has served on the Board ever since, putting her experience and analytical skills at the service of the organisation. More…