What is the qualification of HQAI auditors?

All our registered auditors are experienced professionals with solid backgrounds. Besides their own professional experience, HQAI’s specific requirements are:

  • Demonstrated skills in management system auditing according to ISO standards (ISO 19011). This needs to be corroborated by either a qualification in management system auditing in another sector or the successful completion of a dedicated training.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the CHS, normally requiring the successful completion of the CHS Alliance online course.
  • The successful completion of HQAI’s specific training, 

To maintain their registered status, auditors have to participate in at least two audits annually.

Lead auditors are auditors who have a significant practical experience of HQAI’s audit. At a minimum they must have taken part in two audits as registered auditors and be positively upraised by both the Lead auditors with who they have worked and the client organisation.

Please also refer to our FAQ section for more information on the registered auditors: http://hqai.org/faq/

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