What is involved in becoming a registered HQAI auditor?

There is a multistep process to become an auditor for HQAI. Auditors must demonstrate their qualification and experience in the sector (in auditing/certification) in order to apply for training. If accepted, candidates participate in a training specific to HQAI that focuses on system auditing practices, the reference standard, etc.

The training provided by HQAI reviews a variety of different information and skills that are tailored specifically to conducting an audit for HQAI. Training focuses on how to generate objective conclusions, reporting requirements, and holds specific sessions conducted by HQAI registered auditors on their main challenges.

After the HQAI training concludes, candidates are required to take a final test that consists of a mock audit, which is evaluated against specific criteria. Only those who pass at a sufficient level are accepted to become a registered Auditor for HQAI. Being registered as an auditor allows you to be enrolled in at least two consecutive audits under the supervision of a Lead Auditor, before becoming yourself a Lead Auditor.

We ask the lead auditors to evaluate the auditors they supervise to assess their performance, which is the ultimate step to become an HQAI registered Lead Auditor.

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