What are HQAI’s third-party quality assurance services?

HQAI offers three types of third-party quality assurance services: Benchmarking, Independent Verification and Certification.

Benchmarking is a way for organisations to obtain an objective diagnosis of where they stand in the application of the reference standard. It is a first step towards aligning and integrating working approaches with those outlined in the standard. Benchmarking is conducted by HQAI specially trained and qualified auditors.

Independent verification attests that an organisation is engaged in a process of on-going improvement in the application of the the reference standard. This option assesses continuous improvement, according to an agreed upon action plan and is not a pass/fail test of compliance with the standard. Independent verification is conducted by HQAI’s specially trained and qualified auditors.

Certification provides independent and credible demonstration that the organisation:

a) conforms to the specified requirements of the reference standard;

b) is capable of consistently achieving its stated policy and objectives;

c) the system is effectively implemented.

Certification is conducted by HQAI’s specially trained and qualified auditors.

Currently, HQAI focuses on providing services against the CHS. Over time, we hope to offer the same services against other standards, commitments and good practices for organisations that work with vulnerable and at-risk communities.

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