Subsidy Fund

HQAI's Subsidy Fund

Convinced that third-party quality assurance benefits the organisation, the sector and - above all - the affected populations, HQAI aims at making its services accessible to a large variety of national and international organisations. The cost factor, however, might be a barrier to some of them.

HQAI has therefore created a subsidy fund which is entitled to grant financial contributions of up to 80% to support organisations that want to access third-party quality assurance services.

Both national and international organisations can apply for a subsidy. However, support is attributed in priority to:

  1. National NGOs that directly assist people affected by crisis in their own country;
  2. National NGOs working nationally through partners that assist people affected by crisis in their own country;
  3. International NGOs (that have activities in at least one country outside their home country), the priority level diminishing in proportion to the number of countries where they operate.

Within each of these category, support is attributed in priority to:

  1. Organisations that are already engaged in either independent verification or certification with HQAI for which a financial support is key to be able to continue the process;
  2. Organisations that want to engage in either independent verification or certification (four-year process);
  3. Organisations that want to engage in a benchmarking process (one time off audit and report)


The Fund is hosted by HQAI and works independently from the other bodies of the organisation. It is managed by a Fund Management Committee that is appointed by HQAI's Board of Directors. The Committee provies an impartial service to the sector, reflecting the perspectives of donors, humanitarian NGOs and HQAI.

For more details on the Fund, please download the policy (POL200 - Subsidy Fund Policy) and the procedure (PRO200 - Subsidy Fund Procedure) governing it.

Apply for a subsidy

Organisations that wish to apply to the Subsidy Fund shall first decide which of HQAI's services they wish to apply for.

Then, as they fill in in the appropriate application form, they will notify HQAI's Quality Assurance Officer about their application for a subsidy. 

Please select the appopriate application form from the following list:


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