Subsidy Fund


As a not-for-profit NGO, HQAI makes sure that the services it provides remain relevant and accessible to the diverse organisations and institutions involved. While our work is important and beneficial for organisations of all sizes and types, we found that it is essential for many national organisations. Being independently assessed, audited national organisations learn faster, can credibly demonstrate their performance and possibly access direct donor funding to support their work.

HQAI has therefore established a Subsidy Fund to facilitate access to its audit services to organisations in countries affected by crises or disasters. Managed by an independent Committee, the fund can cover up to 90% of the cost of an audit.

An not-to-be-missed opportunity

From 2017-2019 HQAI’s subsidy fund has granted 300’000 CHF to 10 national organisations in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Lebanon, South Sudan, Turkey and Uganda.

In a sector that offers so much diversity, both national and international organisations can apply for a subsidy. However, support is attributed in priority to:

  • National NGOs that directly assist people affected by crisis in their own country;
  • National NGOs working nationally through partners that assist people affected by crisis in their own country;
  • International NGOs (that have activities in at least one country outside their home country), the priority level diminishing in proportion to the number of countries where they operate.