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The dual overall goal of third-party quality assurance is to provide

  • an objective and independent assessment of where an organisation stands in the application of a reference standard (e.g. Core Humanitarian Standard CHS) so as to allow learning and improvement;
  • confidence to all parties that an organisation fulfils or is continuously improving the quality and accountability of its services to affected populations.

The value of the processes lays in their professionalism, impartiality and in the robustness of the third-party quality assurance mechanisms. The impartial and competent assessment of performances in the application of a reference standard builds stakeholders' trust and strengthens the position of an organisation towards partners in the sector.

In this context HQAI offers three core services: benchmarking, independent verification and certification against the CHS. They build on similar principles, processes and tools which makes them compatible one with another:


Independent Benchmarking benchmarking diagnosis

Benchmarking is a one-time independent and objective diagnosis of the situation of one or a group of organisations with regard to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), good practices or commitments.

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Independent Verificationverification

Verification is an independent and objective assurance that one or a group of organisations are making demonstrated, continuous and measurable process applying the CHS, good practices or commitments. The requirement is that the most serious weaknesses in the application of the standard are eliminated within a four-year cycle.

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Independent CertificationCHS certification

Certification is the independent and objective assurance that an organisation or a group of organisations meet the requirements specified in the CHS, good practices or commitments. A certificate is valid four years, providing periodic checks confirm the continuing conformity with the requirements of the standard.

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Other services may complete these schemes upon request.


HQAI third-party quality assurance services follow principles of impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality, responsiveness to complaints and risk-based approach.

They also apply the requirements for bodies providing audits and certification of management systems set by ISO (ISO/IEC 17021)

Read more about the Core Humanitarian Standard CHS in our FAQ section.

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