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How much do HQAI's services cost?

HQAI services cost is highly dependent on the organisations’ size. The size of an organisation refers to the number of country where it operates or run activities (country programme). A country programme (also called programme site) are an agency’s activities and operations taking place at the level of a specific country. For each country programme, an organisation usually runs more than one project in different locations.

An auditor does not visit all country programmes as this would be unpractical and expensive. Instead a sample of representative programmes are chosen. The larger an organisation, the more country programmes are sampled and the higher the cost. Audit costs thus largely depend on the sampling, but also on other elements such as the scope of the audit and the mandate(s) of the organisation as well as the third-party quality assurance.

For more information on how country are programme sampled.

Cost estimator

We provide a cost simulator to help you estimate the cost our services for your organisation. Costs of HQAI services are both direct and indirect. For more information on how audit cost is calculated.

This indication needs to be confirmed by a tailored quote and is not contractual. If you want a precise quote, please fill in and send us back the application form  for the service you need.


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