Qassem Saad

Quassem SaadQassem Saad

Subsidy Fund Management Committee Member

Dr. Qassem Saad is a development professional with extensive experience in the area of not-for-profit organisations. He is one of the founders of Developmental Action without Borders/Naba’a organization.  Over the past three years, Dr. Saad has served as chairman of Naba’a, which promotes child rights and community development.

Prior to Developmental Action without Borders/Naba’a, Dr. Saad worked at Save the Children, where he was first a community worker, and then moved on to become a team leader for a youth group. He later became a deputy coordinator. Dr. Saad, is a Founder of FOR/USA (Friends of Refugees) and also works as a freelance trainer and consultant in the areas of, Strategic Planning for Civil Society Organisations, Establishing Non-Profit Organisation, Child Rights and Community Development, and Enhancing the Quality of Education. Dr. Saad has received formal education in information technology, earned a B.S. in Social Science from Lebanese University, finalised his MA in Public Policy at Texas Southern University, and is currently working on his PhD in Community Development.

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