Nina Wöhrmann

Nina Wörhmann


Nina is an independent trainer, consultant and auditor with more than 12 years of experience in management and coordinaon of humanitarian programs. She started working in the development sector and has been working during a couple of years in several countries in North and Western Africa before she changed for the Humanitarian Sector. She has been managing humanitarian programs, both in HQ as in the field, for NGOs with missions in, i.a., DR Congo, Niger, Hai, Burkina Faso, and became an independent trainer and consultant in 2013. Since then, she is providing short term consultancies and trainings (i.a. in Cambodia, Thailand, Ukraine, Lebanon, UK, Georgia, Slovenia, Jordan, Germany), as well as longer-term program management (i.a. Philippines, Myanmar, Serbia).

Aspects of quality and accountability assurance and their implementaon in the field have always come along with the programs she coordinated and implemented in the field. She is conducing trainings on Q&A related topics, e.g. Sphere, CHS and others, but also on project management and needs assessment (simulaon exercise). She speaks German, English and French.

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