New Group scheme for small organisations

Together, reach higher.

HQAI makes its services accessible to an even larger group of organisations: the new Group schemes offer significant economies of scale to small organisations that apply together to HQAI services.


What are HQAI Group services all about?

Since its creation in 2015 HQAI has developed robust tools to measure efficiently where an organisation stands with regard to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) on Quality and Accountability.

These quality assurance services being in place, we now work on making them accessible to a majority of organisations, especially those for which cost would be a barrier. After the establishment of the Subsidy Fund, HQAI now launches its Group schemes which allow for several organisations to apply collectively, as a Group entity, for one of HQAI’s quality assurance services. HQAI will audit the Group management system and a sample of its members, thus reducing cost as opposed to auditing each organisation individually. The outcome of the audit (e.g. certification) will be held by the Group entity.

Organisations who associate into a Group entity benefit from different perspectives:

  • Economies of scale: with several organisations applying as a Group entity, the costs of the audit can be spread amongst all members. The costs for each member are likely to be significantly less than for individual HQAI audits
  • Collective learning: organisations gather into a Group, apply as an entity and proactively learn from and with each other. This collective learning process is a key value of the Group services.
  • Joined forces: several organisations enter into an association, jointly develop a management system for the application and internal management controls related to the CHS and nominate a group management, thus minimising individual administrative workload


Who is concerned?

The Group scheme is specially intended for small organisations:

  • Autonomous national organisations independent from each other for decision making and management of programmes
  • International organisations if they do not carry out their missions in more than 5 countries


Let's discuss

You are curious about the Group services and want to learn more? It is time to reach out to our quality assurance experts and discuss your specific case:



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