Growing auditor base

HQAI's trained auditor base is growing.

Following HQAI’s latest auditors training, we are very proud to welcome seven new auditors in our pool. Most auditors are independent professionals who regularly engage on HQAI missions. Their professionalism and regular follow-up trainings with our Quality Assurance team make them one of the key assets of HQAI.

Specially trained and qualified

Becoming a registered HQAI auditor is a multistep process. With their application for a training auditors must demonstrate their qualification and experience in both the humanitarian and auditing sectors. Selected candidates participate in a 4-day training that focuses mainly on the good system auditing practices and the reference standard. Only candidates who pass the final test at a sufficient level are accepted to become registered auditors for HQAI.

Seven participants of HQAI’s last auditors training in October 2017 have just joined our pool of registered auditors. We seize the opportunity to address a warm welcome to Andrew, Carlos, Jorge, Marie, Nancy, Richard and Tess. They will now carry out two audits under the supervision of HQAI Senior Auditors in order to benefit from their extensive experience and support.

By 2021, a pool of 25 to 35 registered auditors will undertake audits for HQAI. The size of this pool is being built according to the growing demand for HQAI services, to make sure we have the adequate number of people to deal with the volume of activity.

Are you interested in becoming an auditor for HQAI? Reach out to our Quality Assurance team to learn all about preconditions and next training dates:


But who are they?

HQAI auditors are mainly independent professionals who regularly commit to HQAI missions. They participate in the audit planning, carry out the actual audits, prepare audit reports and make recommendations on certification to HQAI. All auditors are all submitted to a complete performance review after each audit and are required to comply with HQAI’s Code of Conduct.

Yes our auditors are professionals of the auditing world, but their commitment is humanity. Many audited partner organisations are positively surprised by the accessibility and openness of the auditing team. So why don’t we lift the curtain and offer you a glimpse on who they really are?


Meet Johnny O’Regan, Senior Auditor

Johnny O’Regan has been working with HQAI since June 2017 and is Senior Auditor.

Johnny qualified as a chartered accountant in 1994 and worked in several internal audit and financial management positions in the USA before returning to Ireland to complete a masters in development studies in 2001. Since then he has provided financial management and other consultancy services to a range of clients in the development and humanitarian fields.

He spent several years providing drawdown consultancy services to the Evaluation and Audit of Irish Aid, working with internal systems and procedures, bilateral arrangements and civil society partners. He has also provided consultancy services to a range of other donors, including DFAT Australia (AusAid), DFID, European Commission, ECHO, Sida, UNICEF, and the World Bank. Assignments included audits (compliance, financial and systems), performance audits/VFM studies, strategic planning, organisational assessments, fraud investigations, appraisals of funding applications, and evaluations.

Most recently, Johnny has been working with UNICEF clusters, strategic planning and undertaking cost effectiveness analyses. He works as an independent consultant with HQAI undertaking audits and verifications of quality management systems to ensure that they meet accountability commitments under the Core Humanitarian Standard.



HQAI is a young and fast evolving initiative, but still small enough to build on personal contact. As a team we believe in exchange and mutual understanding and would like to share some of this spirit of openness.

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