HQAI services Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our quality assurance services Benchmarking, Verification and Certification. Please read carefully the information below before starting an application process.

What is the aim of the application process?

The application process is a first step towards setting up a partnership between your organisation and HQAI. It aims at providing basic information that will allow HQAI to identify the scope and methodology of the audit.

Filling in this form is not a formal enrolment in one of the three schemes (Benchmarking, Verification, Certification) , but a declaration of intention to follow the process. The organisation is free to opt out, for any reason, at any time, until a specific contract is signed between the organisation and HQAI.

The audit contract will be drawn up on the basis of the information provided in this form, the sampling rate and the identified methodology, plus any additional information that HQAI obtains from the applicant partner.

What should I do before starting the application process?

Before starting the application process, make sure you have understood what the certification, verification and benchmarking processes entail. More information about our services, policies and procedures can be found under the following links:

HQAI Services

POL114 - Third-party quality assurance policy

PRO114 - Third-party quality assurance procedure

At the beginning of the application process, you will be asked which kind of service your organisation would like to apply to. Note that your choice is not definitive at that stage of the process, but if you need additional guidance or information to identify which service would suit your organisation best, do not hesitate to contact our audit experts at

If you are interested in a applying to HQAI services through the Subsidy Fund, please read:

POL200 - Subsidy Fund Policy

PRO200 - Subsidy Fund Procedure

In addition, make sure you have a look at our FAQ section as we have specific information on how to fill the application in.

What happens after the submission of an application to HQAI?

HQAI will review the submitted application, acknowledge its reception and will get back to you if more information is needed.

The processing of the application is conditioned to the payment of a non-refundable processing fee, which will be deduced from the final invoice if the organisation decides to go on with a chosen service. This registration fee depends on the size of the organisation (see table 1).







By submitting the application form, the organisation agrees to be invoiced for the registration fee. The payment of this fee will allow HQAI to launch a specific sampling process with an HQAI senior auditor and identify the adequate methodology of the audit. This in turn will constitute the basis for a tailored financial and methodological proposal for the required service.

Application forms

To apply to CHS certification, verification or benchmarking, please fill in the attached Application Form .

Organisations applying to the Subsidy Fund, please use the following Application Form.

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